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HAITI-CINEMA > "Meutre à Pacot" de Raoul Peck au 65ème Festival International du Film de Berlin, lire la critique de Stefan Steinberg (en anglais)

HAITI-CINEMA > "Meutre à Pacot" de Raoul Peck au 65ème Festival International du Film de Berlin, lire la critique de Stefan Steinberg (en anglais)
Drama and social life in Murder in Pacot and Why me? This is the third in a series of articles on the recent Berlin international film festival, the Berlinale, held February 5-15, 2015. The first part was posted February 19, the second part February 21.
One of the most compelling works at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival was the new feature by Raoul Peck, the Haitian-born director of notable films such as Lumumba (2000), Moloch Tropical (2009) and Fatal Assistance (2013). In the latter documentary, Peck dealt with the devastating consequences of the 2010 Haitian earthquake—in particular the mercenary role of Western politicians, businesses and aid agencies who sought to exploit the disaster to advance their own agendas.
The same earthquake is the background to Peck’s latest film, Murder in Pacot (Meurtre à Pacot), which deals in fictional form with the ramifications of the tragedy.
The film focuses on a middle class couple whose home in Port-au-Prince, like many others on the island, has been ruined by the earthquake. Deprived of a dwelling and any proper income, they are forced to lodge in the makeshift lodgings of their servant who disappeared during the earthquake. In order to raise funds, they rent out the only habitable part of their villa to a Westerner with money, an international aid worker named Alex, who brings along his young Haitian mistress, Andrémise.
Money has lost much of its power under conditions where the principal priority is survival. A vile smell pervades the ruins of the villa, as if giving physical expression to social relations gone afoul. As the owner of the villa notes: class relations have been turned upside down.
Deprived of her servant, the middle class, Western-educated woman has no idea how to accomplish simple household tasks. She struggles to transport essential water supplies from the ruins of their swimming pool. For the young Haitian woman, from a humble background, such tasks are no problem. She is easily able to transport the large bucket of water on her head. Her vitality stands in powerful contrast to the helplessness of the petty bourgeois couple.
As was the case in his documentary, Peck has nothing good to say about international aid organizations. In one scene, we see a small army of Haitians dressed in relief organization T-shirts and armed with brooms absurdly sweeping a road, while the street lies in rubble. In another, aid worker Alex confronts a young Haitian man who wants to take away and marry his mistress. “Are you a dealer?,” he asks. The young man replies “Yes, just like you.” The dealer in drugs is not about to take a lesson in morals from a dealer in human lives and resources. Lire la suite...

Mercredi 25 Février 2015
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